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The Bachelor
"I’m a young professional and I want it all."

For the young professional, a home in the heart of the city, in the centre of the hustle and bustle and walking distance to work, retail and nightlife hotspots marks the ultimate in living convenience. Tailor-made for the young single or couple living and working in the city, the bachelor caters to those who live busy lives, and want ultimate convenience and modern living standards. Studios, lofts and 1-bedroom apartments allow for all the necessities and conveniences of affordable modern life for these professionals. The incorporation of state-of-the-art design and technology, built-in coffee machines, entertainment systems, appliances and bars minimise wasted space, creating areas for entertaining friends and relaxed lounging after a long day’s work. Easy access to downtown offices, night life spots and public transportation is key; allowing the bachelor to walk to the majority of their destinations, while the downtown location is a perfect centrepoint for weekend activities such as theatre, fitness gymnasiums, wakeboarding, sailing, sports and entertainment.

The Greenie
"I’m helping to make this a better world."

The world is a precious place, and it is our responsibility to look after it. A growing number of us are feeling the desire and urge to look after our planet, and to play our role in ensuring that we leave behind a better world than we started with. Although the green movement started in the west, we are fast on their heels, and many individuals and families in Singapore are taking part. If you are interested in incorporating responsible living into the heart of your home, the greenie is the concept for you. Beyond the standard measures such as solar panels and wind turbines, the greenie would incorporate top of the line efficiency measures in terms of natural ventilation, improved insulation, energy efficiency and water conservation. Maximising passive air movement, integrating air-cooling and water heating systems, natural light dispersion, the use of cohesive energy-efficient electrical systems, and top-of-the-line efficient appliances ensure power is only used when absolutely necessary. Integrated air-conditioning would produce hot water as a by-product, and wasted potable water would be recycled for grey water throughout the home. The result is not only a modern and convenient home for yourselves and your family to enjoy, but one which is easier to maintain as well as more energy and cost efficient!

The Grand Master
"I want to harness the positive energy around me."

Too many individuals and families move into a lovely new home, only to spend a small fortune on hiring a feng shui master to advise them on how to amend the design and fittings in order to provide the setting for a more prosperous and healthy future. On top of this, there is the additional hassle and cost of incorporating and instilling these measures into the home. The grand master would incorporate all these concepts during the design and outfitting stage, delivering to you a home already tailor-made for success, taking into account the building’s centre and direction, room orientation, the incorporation of feng shui arches, the omission of dark spots, and the integration of harmonious shapes and symbolic representative colours. With input from internationally renowned feng shui masters, these homes would be designed from the start with the future homeowner in mind, ensuring that negative energies are blocked, and focusing positive energies to guide your life and your business. When you take ownership of the grand master, you will also be provided with individualised tips on how to ensure that incorporation of your furniture and fittings will further encourage the flow of positive energy.

The Techie
"I want to live in the future."

Technology already exists allowing for people to control their environments remotely, using sensors, timers and web access. Yet very few home environments incorporate this available technology. For those who are interested in technological advances, and the modern home conveniences which are available as a result, the techie is the home of your dreams. Outfitted with modern entertainment and operational systems, all accessible and controlled through a centralised system, you will be able to control your comfort, study your energy consumption, control your lights, curtains and appliances all at the touch of a button. Secure access practices would also allow you to control your environment remotely, and study the utilisation of the systems from a distance. Merge your desire for the latest in entertainment technology with the control provided by the latest in integrated management, for the best in modern living.

The Family
"I want the best for my family."

Childlike squeals of delight should be matched with the knowledge that you are providing your family with the best and most secure home. The needs of your children should be partnered with the desires of your family as a whole, bringing you together in a space where you can grow. The family is a home built to suit a diverse family, with safe entertainment spaces for children of all ages, and adult entertainment spaces where you can relax with your family and entertain intimate groups of your closest friends. Study and play is important for your kids, as is their safety, so the incorporation of study spaces, children’s play areas, secure swimming pools with non slip surfaces and complete absence of stairs and uneven surfaces offer a problem free and enjoyable multigenerational home.

The Entertainer
"Spending time with friends and family is
my priority."

If you love spending time entertaining, and relaxing with family and friends in your home, you will appreciate the open space, availability of dining, cocktail, and lounging areas built into the entertainer concept home. A kitchen designed for preparation and entertainment will allow you space to prepare a sit-down dinner for 30, or hors d'oeuvres and cocktails for 60 guests, whilst indoor and outdoor dining allows for flexibility in the formality of your entertaining. Interplay of lighting and built-in speaker systems allows for the creation of a social ambience unheard of in homes already on the market. Whether it’s a family style feast for 25 in the open plan dining room, or a starlit cocktail party for 60 by the poolside, combine the intimacy of a home environment with the luxury and space of a catered venue.

The Mariner
"Fresh air and the outdoors is an important part
of my lifestyle."

Bask in the warmth of the ocean’s reflection and feel the wind in your hair. Already popular in North America and Europe, waterside living provides a fresh air lifestyle scarcely seen in Singapore. Seaside living does not have to be confined to the already congested coastal areas of Singapore, but can take on a fresh form. Convenient waterside living on floating foundations provides an exciting new way to enjoy coastal living on the clean, peaceful and central areas of Singapore’s rivers. With floating homes, areas such as Kallang River and other inlets become possible household locations. Ideal for those wanting an affordable housing option in these prime coastal locations, and those wishing to entertain and enjoy the fresh air, these homes provide the best of contemporary living, with the natural beauty of seaside life.

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